Procurement checklist: How to boost employee adoption

The adoption of new technology is a vital key to procurement success. When workers continue to use outdated, sluggish, or bloated processes and direct-supplier e-commerce sites, they’re often forced to pay higher prices for products and services. Why? Increased labor costs surrounding paper-based processes, input errors, rogue spend, and more.

Procurement Checklist How to Boost Employee Adoption of Technology and Maximize Value  Cover

Low employee adoption can severely hinder the value of procurement. This can lead to serious consequences for businesses, including: 

  1. Less control and visibility. 
  2. Increased maverick buying and rogue spending. 
  3. Higher landed costs for goods and services.
  4. Higher risk levels caused by purchases with non-authorized vendors.
  5. Lower efficiency caused by paper-based and/or manual procedures.

Utilizing the right tools for spending and cutting costs is a critical key performance indicator in the area of procurement. Learn how to get your employees involved. Download the checklist now!

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